Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012


fire mask
I am not sure what the "fire" appeal is with 5 year old crowd, but we seem to have a trend, at least in my family.  When my son was 5, it was "Fire Bull" with the scorpion horns, and now my daughter is 5 and she had invented "Fire Squirrel" with the flaming acorns.  
I recently finished Fire Squirrel's fire mask and fire cape.  We took a couple of pictures today, but the weather was not really cooperating.  It was just to dark and drizzly out to take any action shots.  
fire cape and mask
I worked on the tail for Fire Squirrel today, and we are finding that having a tail and a cape is a bit tricky, the cape may have to be saved for some other fire superhero.  So now, I have to finish the tail, and work on the ears...Fire Squirrel is nearing completion!  
fire mask

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Potato, Two Potato...

stenciled skirt

Well actually, it's just half of a potato.  That cute little fish is cut out of half a potato and stamped around the edges of what was once just a rectangular piece of fabric.  Add some elastic at the waist, a couple of patch pockets, and some contrasting fabric around the hem and you've got your self one happy little skirt.  And happy skirts make happy babes, and I love happy babes.  

fish stencil
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fish stencil
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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Zombie Hunter's Cape

cape pattern

There was a late start to school a few Tuesdays back, and a lovely fog had settled in the valley.... the perfect conditions for a photo shoot for the recently finished "Zombie Hunter" cape.     
The Zombie Hunter and I had a blast taking spooky pictures in the fog, how fortunate that there was fog on the one morning we didn't have to rush out the door to school.
cape with collar
Apparently Zombie Hunters and Vampires have the same fashion consultants, as the Zombie Hunter's cape looks suspiciously like he borrowed it from Dracula's closet. 
vampire cape
 Now, to finish the rest of the Zombie Hunters ensemble....Zombie Hunters fall somewhere in between vampire and steampunk, which to a costume designer sounds mighty fun!  
 After our photo shoot we walked around and looked at all of the dew covered spider webs.  I've been informed that licking the dew off the web is delicious, nutritious, and aids in the hunting of Zombies.   It was a fun morning! 

vampire cape pattern
Want to make a cape like the Zombie Hunter's? Check out the Collared Cape Printable PDF Pattern in my Etsy shop!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Helper Cat

cats and sewing projects

The cat is always so helpful while I am sewing, she keeps the projects warm while I am away, and is always there to point out any loose strings that might be hanging around.  Such a good little helper cat.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

ACU Bag Sewing Class

ACU Bag Sewing Class
Vicenza Arts & Crafts Center
October 3, 7, 24, & November 7
18:00 to 20:00

Give an old pair of ACUs a new life!  Use all of those great pockets, zippers and Velcro to make a fabulous bag! Learn valuable sewing skills in a fun and friendly environment. Add ribbons, patches, or accent fabric to personalize your bag.  
Download a supply list HERE.  
Sign-up at the Arts Center or online with WebTrac